How to Have a Say in Waco, TX Policies: A Resident's Guide

As a long-time resident of Waco, TX, I have always been invested in the policies that govern our city. These policies have a direct impact on our daily lives, from public safety to economic development. That's why it's crucial for residents to have a say in how these policies are shaped and implemented. Luckily, there are several ways for us to provide input on policies in Waco, TX.

Attend City Council Meetings

The Waco City Council is responsible for making decisions on policies that affect our city.

As a resident, we have the right to attend these meetings and voice our opinions on proposed policies. City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m. at the Waco Convention Center. These meetings are open to the public and there is a designated time for citizens to speak on any agenda item or topic not on the agenda. Before attending a City Council meeting, it's important to familiarize ourselves with the agenda and any proposed policies that will be discussed.

This will allow us to prepare our thoughts and arguments beforehand. We can find the agenda for upcoming meetings on the City of Waco's website.

Submit Written Comments

If we are unable to attend a City Council meeting or prefer to provide input in writing, we can submit written comments to the City Secretary's office. These comments will be included in the official record of the meeting and will be considered by the City Council when making their decisions. To submit written comments, we can either email them to or mail them to:City Secretary's Office
P. O.

Box 2570
Waco, TX 76702Be sure to include our name and address with our comments so that they can be properly recorded.

Join a City Board or Commission

The City of Waco has several boards and commissions that are responsible for advising the City Council on various issues. These boards and commissions are made up of volunteers from the community, and residents are encouraged to apply for membership. By joining a board or commission, we can have a direct impact on policies in Waco, TX. We will have the opportunity to review proposed policies and provide recommendations to the City Council. Some of the boards and commissions that may be of interest to residents include:
  • Planning Commission: Responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on zoning and development proposals.
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Board: Advises the City Council on matters related to parks and recreation facilities.
  • Housing Authority Board: Oversees the operations of the Waco Housing Authority.
To apply for a position on a board or commission, we can fill out an application on the City of Waco's website.

The application will ask for our personal information, as well as our qualifications and interests.

Participate in Public Hearings

When major policy decisions are being made, the City of Waco will often hold public hearings to gather input from residents. These hearings are typically held before a policy is finalized, giving us the opportunity to voice our opinions and concerns. To stay informed about upcoming public hearings, we can sign up for email notifications on the City of Waco's website. We can also check the city's social media pages for updates on public hearings.

Contact Your Elected Officials

In addition to the City Council, Waco has several elected officials at the state and federal level who represent the city. These officials have a direct impact on policies that affect Waco, and it's important for residents to communicate with them about our concerns and opinions. We can find a list of our elected officials on the City of Waco's website.

Their contact information is also listed, making it easy for us to reach out to them.

Stay Informed

Lastly, it's important for residents to stay informed about policies in Waco, TX. This includes not only proposed policies, but also policies that are already in place. By staying informed, we can better understand how policies are affecting our community and make more informed decisions when providing input. The City of Waco's website is a great resource for staying informed. We can find information on upcoming meetings, agendas, and policies that are currently in effect.

We can also follow the city on social media for updates and announcements.


As residents of Waco, TX, we have the power to shape the policies that govern our city. By attending City Council meetings, submitting written comments, joining a board or commission, participating in public hearings, and contacting our elected officials, we can provide valuable input on policies that affect our community. It's important to stay informed and be active participants in the decision-making process. Our voices matter and can make a difference in shaping the future of Waco.

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